Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bring on the Clowns

Fall arrived for a few days, took a look around, and left. That's depressing.
Now we're going to have another 95-degree day. No matter what the clowns in charge do, life must go on. One of our cats is bugging me, climbing up the back of my chair and sitting on my shoulder like a parrot.
I feel like this picture when I read the news. Watched the debate last night. Why does JMac keep smirking? It just seemed very rude. If someone did that to me while I was talking, I'd be offended. Obama kept his cool. The Republicans are running around screeching that Obama will put us all on the collective. Right. We are already there.
I hate to be all doom and gloom. But there's a downward spiral to what is happening in the economy. And if you can hand out money to banks then we feel you can hand out money to us, too. The fatuous myth of trickle down economics has been pretty well-revealed by now. We know what's trickling down and it ain't money.
Dave Ramsey was on his radio show claiming the stock market fell yesterday because Obama is going to raise taxes. Uh, Dave, the stock market fell because the bailout isn't working. You know, the bailout where our government "guarantees" every bank in the world?
There's this little thing called a credit crunch, Dave. We gave the banks a whole lot of taxpayer dollars so they would loan money so imported stuff won't sit on docks and people won't get laid off when companies can't make payroll. Only the banks decided to keep the money. They aren't loaning it out. So the credit crunch continues. Ha, ha, joke's on us. I'm missing the part where Obama has anything to do with this, Dave.
Well, have to get going. The cat says feed me. Cats get it.

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