Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Big Picture

Being an artist type I like to look for the big picture. Here's one for you. The government is taxing our money and then loaning it back to us with interest. That's my take on all this. Sounds like a joke. Well, it is, sort of. A joke at our expense. Are we laughing yet?

I had an intuitive picture recently, from something you see here in the summer. A pond or river dries up. All the little critters that live in the water find themselves sucking mud.
The mud turns to dirt and the critters have nowhere to go. That's what I see happening in the near future. Sounds like deflation, doesn't it? The Dustbowl during the Great Depression is a very powerful archetype that sticks in one's mind during times like these.

Here's another archetypal picture, the little piggy sitting down to eat. I love the expressions in this illustration. And what exactly is Mama Piggy serving? Is this a scene of porcine cannibalism? Notice the look on the face of the piggy at the window. I can't tell if he is disgusted or thinking why wasn't I invited to the meal? "What am I? Chopped liver?" Probably! I think Mama Pig is the government and Son Pig is like the banks. And who is that at the window? That must be the taxpayer!

I find that looking at these old pictures always cheers me up. They seem very wise to me. So now, yes, I am laughing.
Such is life.

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