Monday, March 9, 2009

Fuga da DC

Yikes! I like our President a lot and even more his wonderful wife, Michelle, but I'm getting worried about him. When he said the other day that he didn't read the financial blogs, I thought, uhoh. The implication was that people like Mish, Yves, Karl Denninger, Dan W., Krugman, Kedrosky, Jesse, and many others were all a bunch of fringe nuts with an axe to grind, and therefore not worth reading.

These are the people to trust, for crying out loud! They're smart, they understand how money things work, and best of all, they didn't help create this mess, unlike Timmy and crew - well, if he had a crew. These bloggers have varying perspectives, and I don't agree with everything they say, but these are people who not only understand what is wrong but also have some very worthy suggestions on how to fix the problems we are facing. Yeah, they may be angry at times, but that doesn't make them wrong. If anything, it shows they get it.

And if the elite advisers in Washington are so smart why does the entire country get the feeling we are in some sort of death spiral and no one is flying the plane? The other day I read that our economy was rapidly returning to 1997 levels. I think we know this plot!

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